Nailing it

Unfortunately for The Gosson our time is not always spent at play. So when it comes time to work, we try and bring a little fun and transform the 9-5 grind. This week we've escaped the bleak weather and created our own little rainbow. Think My Little Pony, Skittles, sunshine in the spring-time and Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées. After all...

Nail Polish: SEED

DIY / Design it yourself

Perhaps it was a childhood membership to the local Brownie club (or a genetic glitch that leaves me attracted to shiny objects, it's possible right?) but for as long as I can remember I have loved playing with glitter and getting crafty with it.  

I thought I’d share my latest project with you. Walking through the mid season S A L E S this week I found these beauty booties heavily reduced. Having eyed them off prior to the sale they were an absolute no brainer.

A wooden heel - the ideal surface to glitter-fy. I’m still undecided whether or not to just change the heel or to do the back section (what do you think?!). Either way, boy oh boy, are they going to shine! 
Stay tuned for the results...

Prue xx


My Boots: Seed

and the inspiration for this project

A Short Story

Shorts, by colloquial definition are, ‘trousers that reach the top of the thigh or extend to the knee’. Shorts, defined by today's youth are, ‘a substitute for underwear in which neither length nor correct fit are essential’. Shorts, defined by me, are 'the fashion bane of my existence’.  I'm certainly no prude, but when did the wedgie deviate from a schoolyard taunt and become a suitable representation of ‘street style’?

Thank the lord, my favourite season is upon us. Winter has arrived and the amount of arse cheek on display is now directly proportionate to the wind chill factor. A - freaking - MEN!

I'm in no way suggesting the need to avoid shorts all together. Infact, I'm going to show you how to wear them throughout winter and make your clothes work all year round (we do, so why shouldn't they!). Pull out your tights and let's collectively prove that winter truly is fashion's wonderland.

Follow these tips to ensure you're not left short this winter
The more conscious you are of your legs, the darker the tights
The wider the leg of the short, the slimmer your thigh will appear
The only cheeks on display should be on your face

Prue x

Shorts: Levis / Urban Outfitters
 Shirt: Review
Jumper: K-Mart
Belt: Seed
Heels: Seed
 Tights: Voodoo
Bag: Mimco
Earrings: Tiffany & Co


My love of fashion started the day I was born and to be honest it wasn’t like I popped out and started crying “Chaaaannneeeelllll”. It was pushed upon me in bucket loads by my most fabulous and sparkly Nana.
Dresses with frills and lace, frilly socks, black shiny patent Mary-Janes, ribbons and bows, anything that was girly and pretty my Nana adorned me with.
We would shop together, look at ridiculously expensive gowns covered in sequins and pick which was ours – hers was always red.
She had two enormous floor-to-ceiling wardrobes filled to the brim with clothes, each garment covered in glitter or sequins or pearls or lace, sometimes all of the above.
And the most fabulous thing about her was her hair. Every Thursday she would go see Joe the hairdresser and get glitter hairspray in her hair.
I’m serious, she was like the most adorable walking glitter ball.
In fact a lady once stopped her whilst crossing the road and told her she looked like an angel with a halo.
No doubt Nana would have replied with an “I know,” and a proud shrug.
So this post about everything glittery is in memory of my darling Nana whom I lost a year ago, yesterday.
The sparkles live on!
Eve x

Flats: Seed

 Dress: ASOS

Sneakers: Converse

 Dress: Forever New

Headband: Forever New

 Dress: Topshop

Dress: Topshop

Shorts: Topshop

Forever my Dancing Queen xx

Dollars vs Sense

Okay so yes it is sale time. Lots of red bannered shop windows are drawing you in, and that’s fine. However, a conversation I overheard between a mother and daughter in a store yesterday (when I was doing a sneaky shop on my lunch break) made me slightly concerned. Mother is holding up a very ugly leopard-print-gone-wrong scarf in puke green and waving it at Daughter.
“What do you think about this, love?” Mother asks.
Daughter screws up her nose. “Yuck Mum, it’s really ugly.”
“I know, but it’s on sale, only $29.95,” persists Mother.
Daughter, looking much more interested now, comes over and has a closer look.
“Well, I guess it’s pretty good for $29.95,” Daughter agrees.
After a few moments of umming and aaahing, Mother goes up to the counter and purchases it.
Great for the retail world, as a country we need to sell millions of scarves to stop the recession in its tracks, however all I wanted to say was YOU DON’T LIKE IT! YOU THINK IT’S UGLY! But I didn't. I’m no crazy.
Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. Yes it might be over 50% off but to be honest, that’s probably because no one likes it.
So ask yourself next time you find a really great bargain, “Would I have bought this full price if money wasn’t an issue?” If yes, good on you, you won. If no, leave your credit card in your Gucci and back slowly away from the scarf stand. Save the $30 and put it towards something you actually like.
Like this Sretsis dress that was worth every penny.
It only cost me ten and a half ugly leopard-print-gone-wrong scarves in puke green…
Eve x 

Dress: Sretsis

Clutch: Mimco

Boots: Acne

Bangle: Lovisa

Packing Perfected

In a few weeks time, Eve and I are heading to Melbourne for a weekend of shopping and style spotting. Of course the first thing to pop into my mind was - what to pack?! Not too long ago packing for anything from an overnighter to a three month trip through Europe was a hapless task. I was a firm believer of packing by quantity of items ie 3 tops, 4 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes - one for comfort, one impractical etc. Late last year I had an epiphany, triggered by a costly airline excess baggage charge nonetheless. It got me thinking... 

Why do some people always look so polished when they travel? Well, here's their secret... Pack by outfit! Instead of throwing individual pieces into your suitcase with the hope that they will match (instead leaving you panicked and dressed head to toe in red) a little 'plan packing' is all it takes.

My tip - pack an outfit per day for any trip under a week, including shoes and accessories. That way you'll have a pre-styled outfit for each day and if anything can be mix matched it's a bonus! For trips longer than a week, ensure you have 7 outfits, leaving you plenty of time to wash during the week and other looks to keep you fresh and fabulous.

Some inspiration...

 Well, you can't go past Miranda Kerr.

Effortless. Every. Time.

And yes, I am well aware that we are not all supermodels. But, take heed in the fact that each outfit is styled - scarf or hat, bag or boot - unlike those legs, something attainable to all - a good sense of style.

Prue x


And lastly, don't let these failings be in vain. Get 'plan packing'!

Newspaper Mama

What's black and white and re(a)d all over?

Clashing accessories - mastered. What about garments, you say? Well it's easy peasy. Pick prints that have the same/ similar colour palettes. Start with black and white and add a flash of colour.

You'll be front page in no time. Too scared to publish your own look? Why not email a full length photo of yourself in your outfit to to receive advice and a few styling tips from Eve and Prue.

Shirt: Whyred

Jumper: Seed

Blazer: Sportsgirl

Pants: Seed