A Spring Garden Party

Just over a month ago my good friend Elizabeth and I shared our 26th birthdays. Unfortunately for Elizabeth she was stuck in Rome with a fresh engagement ring on her finger while I was lucky enough to celebrate the occasion by attending a seminar on financial accounting. Setting Liz's jealousy aside, we decided to throw a belated birthday bash in the form of a spring garden party last week. We served pitchers of white sangria and Pimm's and played a spot of croquet. Here is a snapshot of the splendid day it was.
Prue x


Oh Diana / two


All photos by Diana Melfi
Shirt: Whyred
Vest: Country Road
Jeans: SEED

The Summer Go To

Some people see a psychiatrist; others prefer wide open spaces. What's my therapy of choice? Well, I can't go past a wander through David Jones, Adelaide Central Plaza. If I ever go missing, just put a picture of my face next to each register. 
So after taking a little time out of a hectic week I spotted this darling number - the ultimate summer go to dress. Nothing screams 'throoow - meee - ooon' in 42 degree weather like a striped jersey dress with gathered back to boot. Hello Summer.
Not only does this number make for ΓΌber cool day wear, it effortlessly makes the transition from beach to bar. Add a pop of colour and a pale/nude heel and Bob's the uncle no one actually has.
The Cuff - God knows I would have stopped Joseph in his tracks and asked him where he'd bought his technicolour dream coat. Anything that looks like it's had a rumble with a rainbow has my tick of approval.
The Heels - Whoever said fashion is pain owned these shoes. If you've got the time and heels of steel, breaking in these bad boys is highly recommended. They are the perfect accompaniment to any summer ensemble. Those with less seasoned feet could opt for an alternate less abrasive option like these or these.